Improve your life balance through health and self-awareness

"Lulu is a wonderful and caring listener with a positive and empathic understanding of her clients. You know that under her care you are in great hands."
Annette, Hong Kong, Financial Advisor.



"When we lived in Hong Kong, I regularly went to Lulu for massages, facials and health advice. Lulu is very knowledgable when it comes to food and beauty. She has given and still does give me many tips and support to make my life easier in a healthy way. She is professional, yet she has a wonderful warm and personal approach. Her treatments are the best I have ever enjoyed. I love her eye for detail: the cup of tea before the treatment, the flower bowl under the massage table. I always felt completely rejuvenated and calm afterwards. I can highly recommend Lulu as your health & beauty guru." 

Céline, Spain/Sweden, Designer.


"I asked Lulu for help & advice during my recovery from breast cancer. She has a wealth of knowledge on natural products and life skills so I knew she was the best person to coach me through those first few months when I was feeling extremely vulnerable & fragile. During my consultations Lulu adviced me on what I could eat & drink and came up with some great food plans. She helped me to improve my skin, sleep and most of all my stress levels. 3 years on and my life has changed enormously; Lulu helped me to put my life on a different path...Thanks hunny! "

Rese, UK.


"I simply cannot say enough good things about Lulu.  I have been going to her for my facial care for more than 5 years, and after every treatment my skin is just absolutely glowing.  During each session she analyses my skin to administer the exact blend of the proper essential oils needed to calm and balance my skin for what is currently happening in my life with the climate, travel, stress, etc.  My friends have all complimented me on how great my skin looks, and some have even asked me what my secret is – I tell them it’s no secret, it’s Lulu and her magical oils!  Lulu is extremely professional in all her work, but equally important she is authentic and caring.  I also follow Lulu on Instagram and am constantly inspired by her amazing healthy food recipes.  She is such an inspiration to me in all areas of her life.  You will not be disappointed in whatever capacity Lulu touches your life!"

Kris, Hong Kong/USA, full-time working mom of two.


“I have been using Lulu’s treatment for years and keep coming back to her as she is trully fantastic. Lulu is very thourough when cleansing my skin. She uses high quality skin care and essential oils and my skin feels really soft and plump afterwards. Lulu also provides great advice on what essential oils I can use for my skin and for my health and I admire her knowledge on healthy food and healthy nutrients (and love her healthy receipes!). Lulu is really going to extra mile and providing a 360 degree health coaching service, not just a simple facial and that’s pretty unique so I highly recommend her!"

Sophie, France, Sophrologist.

"My top 3 goals upon starting the 6-month program were getting fitter, losing weight and eating better. Lulu was able to help me work towards these goals by discussing different options open to me, making suggestions on how to achieve my goals. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I've thought more about what I eat and how it affects me. I've also learned to relax!!! Lulu is a very supportive, caring and good listener and someone who is dedicated to what she does. It has really made me give some though to my emotions, feelings and also myself. Now I can take the time to relax and not feel guilty."

Clare, Hong Kong, Communication and Event Coordinator.


" "They" say that we are all products of our lifestyle. If that were true, then Lulu would be a health coach, even if she didn't have her academic training. Couldn't say enough great things about this amazing, positive and strong woman, whom I am lucky enough to count among my closest and dearest friends. She is the most engaged, caring and emphatic person I've ever met. A great listener and an even better 'advisor'. She is and has always been there for me…even at times when I didn't know I needed her to be. She has worked in the health industry for the past…well, many years ;-) and she is a US qualified health coach. Do you need to change your lifestyle, lose weight, get in shape, improve your eating habits, get more energy or look 10 years younger?? Most of us know what to do, but need someone to guide and motivate us, give us advice, stay on track and help us break bad habits etc. How do you do this?…It all starts with a health consultation."

Karin, Denmark, Teacher 


"A facial with lulu is so much more than a cleansing experience.  For me it’s very personal where Lulu takes time to mix in the right oils and creams to make the perfect balance for your skin.  Every consultation is extremely relaxing.  Lulu offers of advice on the types of aromatherapy oils that I should be using and the vitamins and nutrients that my skin is lacking and which foods to eat that will increase the health and flow of my skin and well being."

I definitely recommend a facial with Lulu to all those looking for a personalised experience."

Estelle, Hong Kong, Marine Biologist


"After working with Lulu, I have more knowledge on how food affects my health, and I now have more confidence with preparing and shopping for food. She helped me introduce green vegetables into my diet. I would describe Lulu as professional, kind and compassinate. Overall, I am very grateful to have had Lulu accompany me on my health journey."

Tina, Hong Kong, mother of two teenagers, working from home.

"As a mother of 4, my top 3 goals upon starting my program were to make space and time for myself, organize my house and create a healthy lifestyle for my family and I. To help reach these goals, Lulu provided specific sources and solutions which resolved in me having confidence in managing the health for my family and myself. Lulu is very caring, thoughtful, positive and professional as a Health Coach, which helped me improve my time management skills and create a peaceful everyday life. Lulu provided lots of healthy recipes and tips that everyone should know about. I would recommend her for people who are interested in creating a healthy diet and happy lifestyle. She helped me reach my goals and gave me a beautiful strength that I needed as a busy mum."

Karen, South Korea, busy mother of 4.

"The 3 day detox with Lulu was hard at first juggling family dinners with my own healthy eating but I stuck too it and I finished the 3 days and felt really great. It was definitely worth it. It has inspired me to start every day with a Green Smoothie. My skin looks & feels wonderful! A friend told me last week my skin was glowing...Never had that compliment before. Thanks Lulu"

Susan, (UK), Beautician, aged 47


"I discovered Lulu through a friends recommend .I must say I look forward seeing her for my facials they are amazing! The aromatherapy oils she applies to my skin are Devine. The whole treatment is so relaxing and her positive energy seems revitalise me. During my sessions she advises me on skin care and aromatherapy oils to use. Lulu even made me a serum to apply in the mornings on face  and I’m impressed on how my face feels. . I highly recommend her."

Denise, Hong Kong, Teacher.



"I have had the opportunity to be a regular client of Lulu in the past few years and she has always been very professional, pleasant and helpful. I am very happy with her facial treatments using top quality cosmetic products that have really improved my combination skin. She is always giving good advises on how to take care of the skin and using her specific aromatherapy oil  I have also been a costumer of Lulu as  Health Coach and she is very good in customizing lifestyle and nutritional recommendations. She has given me really good advise on how to improve my diet changing wrong food habits in order to improve my health."

Simona, Biochemist, Italy


"I have been Lulu's client for more than a year and I am so grateful to have met her. She shared her knowledge to help educate me on how to improve my skin and helped me to be aware of not sooooo good eating habits. My daughter loves her facial treatment as she also shares great advices for her skin. I love that she only carry the best quality skin care and her aromatherapy oils are so great! Lulu is an amazing health coach and I highly recommend her because she is a good listener and passionate about helping people with their health and skin. She is able to motivate and inspire me! Thank you so much Lulu"

Nelda, Philippines, Mom to Sara and Alessandro



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