Improve your life balance through health and self-awareness

One of my main passions in life is beauty, and I know many of you gorgeous people feel the same way too. On this page I will share my best beauty tips so you can acheive that natural, beautiful look you've always dreamed of.

My Top Beauty Tips:

- Sleep

- Eat super foods

- Add good oils to your diet such as coconut oil, olive oil, evening primrose and good fish oil without mercury in it.

- Use good supplements for your health and beauty. 

- Exercise weekly

- Breathe - meditate

- Stay out of the sun 11.30 – 3 pm and use sunglasses and a hat

- Go for regular body massages. It is anti-aging and slimming

- Get a facial every 4-6 weeks (depending on your skin type and age)

- Do dry brushing everyday 

- Use daycream with spf and make sure you clean the face with the right products for you skin morning and evening

- Smile, laugh and be positive!

- Get your daily vitamin - L - LOVE. It's the most important " vitamin" for us as human to maintain!

I know know you might be thinking "I can't do all this", so try aiming step by step to implement these tips in your everyday beauty routine and you will quickly see the difference. I know you can do this honey!

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