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How To Get The World’s Best Beauty Sleep

Last year I dedicated the whole year to improving my sleep. Yup; now you might think a whole year is a long time, but it actually didn’t take the whole year to accomplish my goal, just a few weeks.

I’ve always been a light sleeper; I would wake up by the slightest noise, and it’s never really been an issue if I only had 5-6 hours, my body didn’t seem to mind. However, in the end of 2015 I was just tired since I’d had a pretty challenging year. Because of this, I was thinking, “All this talk about sleeping 8 hours might be worth a try!”  So I put together a little sleeping schedule that I will share with you.

1.Try your best to go to sleep around the same hour every night for several weeks.  I aimed to go to bed between 9.30pm–10pm.

2. A few hours before you go to bed, dim the light in your house. By making the house a bit darker you are telling your mind and body that it is time to sleep.

3. Stay away from your TV, iPad, iPhone, computers, any electronics during the evening. Try to step away from them.

4. Eat your dinner before 7 pm, so your body is nice and light before you go to bed. Go for light salads, soups and/or sweet roasted veggies prepared in the oven with turmeric, oil and other lovely flavours (recipe on my blog soon!).

5. Drink herbal tea with honey during the evening. Stay away from coffee, tea (with caffeine) and alcohol.

6. Take a long bath, footbath or shower to calm your senses. I love adding Epsom salt and essential oils to my bath/footbath before going to bed. It’s calming and detoxing for your body, mind and soul.

7. Embrace meditation. There are lots of meditation guides on YouTube or you can find some healing meditation apps. I often use the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Click here to try it.

8.Make sure your bedroom isn’t too warm and invest in a good pillow and soft bedding to sleep in. Make your bedroom the most cosy and relaxing room in your house.

9. Read a good book before you sleep. Even if it’s just a few minutes, it will help calm your mind and senses.

10. Be kind to yourself. If you have tried all these things and are still finding it hard to fall asleep, don’t force yourself. Instead, take a break and read a book, make a cup of warm herbal tea or whatever makes you feel relaxed to help you enter a calm state of mind.  If your mind is racing, don’t blame yourself; try write down these thoughts in a notebook if it helps you release those thoughts. Take a deep breath and let it go…

I hope these tips will improve your beauty sleep routine.

Lost of love (and unicorn kisses) <3

Your Health Coach Lulu


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