Improve your life balance through health and self-awareness

Are you struggling with your health goals for 2017?

It’s my experience that most of us enter a New Year with lots of health goals, but then somehow, as the weeks go by, the everyday hustle and bustle of life takes up so much space that we forget about our goals. Sometimes we even don’t end up reaching our goals. We lose motivation and give up!

So here are my top 10 tips to keep you motivated in 2017 and help you reach your goals and improve your life balance through health and self-awareness.

1.     Schedule it! Try making a plan on how to reach your goals. Grab a pen and start writing and planning how you are going to reach you goals. When and how are you going to get there? Who is going to support you? Who can help you or teach you the stuff you need help with?

2.     Start again! If you started a new fitness program, diet or any other goal this year but are feeling stuck, then start again. Just take it from day 1 again and you will get there. Remember to be patient with it; you WILL get there if you take your time. Trust me on this one.

3.     Don’t give up! It’s always, always difficult in the beginning.

4.     “Wonderful things will happen”; that’s my mantra for 2017 and years to come. Keep on repeating this mantra to yourself every day to motivate yourself.

5.     You need energy when you’re changing your health routine or lifestyle, or when making new health goals. So get your beauty- and health-sleep and make your bedroom a sacred place. No mobile phones, TV or other electronics can enter this holy place. Surround yourself with beautiful things in your bedroom so when you wake up, these are the first things you see. Make your bedroom a cosy, calm and peaceful spot in your house where your body, mind and soul can recharge. Then it’s so much easier to face the world and get the energy you need to reach your goals.

6.     Treat yourself. Take a self-care day or even just a few hours during the week to spoil yourself. Treat yourself however you want; you can wear pj’s all day, eat and drink what you want, and do whatever you feel your body, mind and soul need. What makes you feel really relaxed and recharged? Whatever makes you feel that way, these are the things to do during your self-care day or hours. We all need some time off during the week, to recharge our batteries and relax.

7.     If you really feel stuck and are not getting anywhere, then ask yourself these questions: Do I need to rethink my goals? Should I lower the bar a bit? Is it a realistic goal I have made for my self? Do I really really want this? If the answers to these questions mean your goal isn’t right for you, then change your goal or reshape it to a more realistic one.

8.     Make a vision-board with your goals. Divide it into personal and professional goals. Try to make it inspirational so that every time you look at it you smile!

9.     Get motivated! What needs to happen for you to get motivated? Who can help you get there? Sit down and talk to your closes friends or get a professional on board.

10. Be kind to yourself. All new changes take time and with time you will reach your goal.


Feel free to share this post with family, friends or colleagues who might need help with reaching their goals. I hope these 10 steps can help you get further into 2017 with enthusiasm and energy. Now get out there and make it happen. ♡


Lots of love,

Your Health Coach Lulu


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