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How To Not Get Sick

A few weeks ago, my kids got a bit sick. They had a high fever, a bad cough, soar throat and were EXHAUSTED for 10 days. My kids rarely get sick, so I didn’t know what the best solution was. What do you do when this happens? My friends were laughing at me and said, “ they just need to rest and they will be fine” and sure enough, after a few days and lots of chicken soup, they were better. So what’s the best thing to do? In HK at the moment, it’s the flu season and this year, because of the extremely cold weather, it was worse then usual. I’ve been really lucky and managed to stay free from getting sick (hurray!), and here’s how I did it…

1.     Drink water! You might not feel that it’s necessary when the weather is cold, but keeping your body hydrated will reduce your risk of getting sick.  It’s important to hydrate your organs and digestive system; remember, your immune system is highly affected by your digestive system.

2.     Get lots of zzz… rest…zzz.  Aim to go to bed before 22 pm. Your body and mind needs the rest. So don’t stay up late working or watching TV or using your mobile. You need to prepare the body a few hours before sleep to get a good rest. Dim the lights, listen to calming music, put 1 drop of lavender on the pillow, have a nice, chilled bedroom and even have a good herb tea before sleeping. Try eating lighter meals too, before you go to bed.

3.     Wash your hands often so you do not get any nasty germs; it seems obvious, but it really is important to have good hygeine so you don’t get sick.

4.     Try use some garlic oil in your ears and nose to prepare and support your immune system. This can be done regularly during the winter season and before the flu season to strengthen your body.  If I ever feel like I am getting a cold, I will use the garlic oil several times a day. It may smell a bit, but it prevents you from getting a cold; oh yeah, and it keeps the vampires away too!

5.     Do regularly exercise to strengthen you body and cells. Try to get outside once a day and move about a bit. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or go for a run, then use the stairs, or walk instead of taking the bus or train.

6.     Keep your house clean and change your bedding weekly. Open the windows during the day to get fresh air in the house. Do the same in your office place, to change the energy and air.

7.     Cook soups, like chicken, miso or veggie soup. Add in power herbs and roots, like ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, thyme and Himalayan salt.

8.     Meditation is key: Keep your mind balanced and calm. Stress will be reduced with regular meditation, and with less stress, you probably won’t get sick.  How about trying the app called “Headspace”. It’s really lovely and great for meditation for newbies.

9.     Have a cuppa tea! I love herb tea for strengthening the immune system. I use sage, rosemary and thyme tea.

10. I use USANA supplements. My favourite is their strong c-vitamin Proflavanol.

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All advice given here is based on my own experience so please consult doctor before starting any new supplements and remember: we are all unique and different, so try the tips that seem best for you. Cheers to a healthier you! <3


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