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Lulu’s 10 Tips for a Healthier Mum

10 years ago I was walking up the stairs to my home and I was pregnant, tired, bloated and exhausted with my second child. While I was walking up the stairs I remember I stopped because I was feeling so heavy and exhausted and I gave my self a promise on this day: I promised myself that I would not become overweight because the thought of not being able to climb these stairs was just unbearable. The thought of becoming overweight and being unhealthy, unfit and in high risk of becoming sick. I wanted to be healthier, happier and have more energy; I wished to be a fit mum who was able to run up the stairs with my kids whenever I needed to. So here starts my journey on how I became a healthier mum. I had already invested in an exercise bike and put it in my living room however I didn’t use it much so that was step 1. Sometimes, health comes before your chores; despite the fact that there are laundry on the sofa and dirty dishes, exercise comes first. This bike was a really good investment and I kept it for many years. Don’t get me wrong; I found it strange to have a bike in the living room too but it is worth it. Over the years I improved my health using these 10 tips:
Lulu’s 10 golden rules to a more happy, energetic and healthy mum:

1. Move your booty more often. A lot of people today have jobs where they have to sit by the computer all day. I keep a yoga mat and dumbbells under my desk at home as a reminder to use them. Whenever I have a little break I use them. Or even better, use your lunch break to go for a walk! Remember moving will give you energy. It’s a total win!

2. Add in greens in ALL your meals.

3. Prioritize your sleep; the last thing you want is a lazy, tired mum, which will lead to comfort eating. For those maths people out there, no sleep+mum= bad day.

4. Use a weekly meal planner. I have attatched one to this blog; just scroll down to view it.

5. Get your exercise. Have a weekly exercise plan to help you get into the routine.

6. Eat superfoods and add a vitamin pill to your diet to make sure you get the right foods and nutrition for you and your love ones. 

7. Get your primary foods in balance. What do I mean with primary foods? Primary foods are actually not foods but everything else going on in your life outside your plate: your energy level, your joy, work, exercise, finance, relationships, social life etc. This is the key foundation to your health! If your primary ‘foods” are balanced your health wil gradually improve. I know it sounds hard but I know you can do this.

8. I know that different foods and health tips are good for different people but for me it helps to have 6 super healthy days and 1 day with less healthy food. I would recommend trying this; you never know, it might change your health!

9. Take a chill pill. Have a weekly, daily break where you do absolutely nothing.

10. Be kind and patient with yourself. Show your self some LOVE by adding in the most important vitamin: vitamin L (love).

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